The 5 Most Affordable Headphones for 2016


A good headphone is vital for a DJ. It ensures that your mixes are in cue on time and the precise volume level. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best studio style headphone. There are headphones available at different budget ranges. Here are our recommendations of the top affordable headphones.

Sennheiser – HD25 1 II

Sennheiser – HD25 1 II

This headphone offers high sound pressure levels. It nicely rests on the ears. It provides great isolation and so is appropriate for using in a noisy environment. It is also appropriate for using in studios. All its components are replaceable and detachable. It provides clear sound at high volume. The headphone is very durable.

AKG- 81


It has a closed cup design. It also provides very good isolation. The head band is adjustable. The drivers in each cone give a punchy sound. It gives smooth mids and good bass reproduction. Its frequency range is between 16 Hz and 24 kHz.The ear cups are reversible.

Shure – SRH750DJ


This headphone is suitable for mixing, cueing and general listening. It provides clear sound without distorting it. It has 50mm drivers that give detailed bass. It is best for using in a DJ booth. The drivers can be folded underneath the headband, making it compact and easy to store and carry. It provides good isolation from outside noise.

Sennheiser- HD8

Sennheiser- HD8

This headphone is designed for profesesional use. They are well designed and durable. There are swivelling ear cups so that single sided monitoring can be done. A protective case is included with the earphone.

Numark – HF125

Numark – HF125

This headphone is very affordable. It has adjustable headbands, cushioned ear pad and rotating ear pieces. The closed cups give loud signal. The cable is six feet long and is tangle resistant.

All these headphones are very affordable and provide clear sound. If you are looking forward to buy a headphone for your next DJ assignment, you can buy one of the recommended ones.

Some of the Top DJ Mixers on the Market Today!


The mixer is the main equipment of a DJ. A stable and reliable mixer is needed for those who use it for live performances. Mixers take the audio signals from turntables and mixe them into one. Mixer allows smooth transitions between songs.

DJ mixers have different features. Some mixers come with extra options as well. Prices vary according to the features. When buying DJ mixer you should consider your budget. The type of mixer you want to buy is another factor you should consider.

Some miers come with a DJ controller. MiDI, USB connectivity, etc also come with some mixers. A standard DJ mixer has two channels. There are mixers in the market that has up to 16 channels and includes microphones also. You can find some very good DJ mixers within $100. Here are our recommendations.

Stanton M.203

It has a solid build and weighs about 6 lbs. It has two channels and is appropriate for the beginners. There is a mic input with tone control. It doesn’t have any digital ins or outs and is very simple to use.

Allen & Heath Xone:22

This mixer has great reputation. It has standard two channels, a typical mic input and crossfader curve switch. It is suitable for the beginners and the semi professionals. The crossfader is replaceable.

Numark M6 USB

This mixer has four input channels. Each channel has LED metering. The USB connectivity that comes with it is compatible with both PC and Mac. There is an XLR mic channel. The crossfader is extremely smooth. The mixer is also compatible with analog setup.

Behringer DDM4000

This mixer has 4 multi-FX section, 2 XLR microphone inputs, 2 BPM counters and 4 phono and stereo channels. It also has MIDI functions and digital fader. It has five channels.

Pioneer DJM-350

This is a 2-channel mixer with excellent performance. It produces four kinds of effects. There is a filter for giving tonal quality of music, a jet effect, gate effect and crush effect.

All these mixers cost less than $100. These mixers are very good choices for beginners and semi professionals.

Easy-to-Use Audio and Music Editing Software for Beginners

blog2Audio editing can be expensive and difficult for the beginners. However, with audio editing software, the task of audio editing is much simplified. With basic audio editing software, users must be able to perform several tasks for a long time.

When buying audio editing software you should consider features like mixers, equalizers, effects and filters. The ease of use is also an important factor to consider. Filters get rid of undesired noises. Effects provide reverbs and echoes.

The recording and burning capabilities of this software are also important. The software should be able to import files from the computer easily. Most basic editing software comes with tutorials. These are very helpful as you will learn new techniques of editing. Here is the list of top easy-to-use audio editing software for beginners.

MAGIX Music Maker MX

MAGIX Music Maker MXThis software has an easy interface that is ideal for the beginners. It also has tutorials for teaching advanced techniques of audio editing. There are various tools available which makes it a good choice for the professionals also. Users can restore previous recordings and also remix songs from MP3s and CDs.

AVS Audio Editor

It has a good interactive user interface. The tools available in this software are ideal for editing personal music collection. The tools are very easily accessible. There are several presets that provide different effects.

WavePad Master’s Edition

WavePad Master’s EditionThis software is for those users who are more creative. It has a library of more than 1,000 sounds. It also has a number of different editing tools. This software is appropriate for basic recordings. There are some very powerful options and effects as well. After completion of the project, the user must be able to export the file back to digital media.

If you have the best audio editing software then the task of editing becomes much easier. You will find that editing tracks, recording sounds, and creating mixes have never been eaiser.

Will Electronic Music Ever Take Over Traditional Music?


Electronic music is getting very popular nowadays. People often fear that the traditional music might be replaced by electronic music. But is it true? Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is attracting many youngsters today. These youngsters are going in to DJ parties. They enjoy the new feel of music. One of the main reasons for electronic music to be so popular is its range of variety and innovation. There is always something new in it which the audiences enjoy.

Traditional music is very different from electronic music. Their appeal is much stronger. Electronic music is something temporary. It is only liked by a segment of audiences. But the music bands should come up with new releases often if they want to keep up with electronic music.

Computer technology has improved at a steep rate in the past decades. This is one of the major reasons for the acceptance of electronic music. Now there are many programs just few clicks away to make music. Many music experts believe that easy availability of resources has made people lazy and people are losing their creativity because of electronic music.

Music and technology have been together since the early days of music. Technology has given us modern instruments which sounds better and are easy to use. Electronic music is just the result of these technological innovations. Music, in general, appeals to people of all generations. Electronic music, on the other hand, is only popular among a specific group of people. There is no chance that electronic music will be replacing traditional music.